Legacy Giving

Telling our Stories

We all want to tell our stories. And we all want our stories to end well. For our legacies to count and be remembered. Often we don’t know how to go about formulating our legacy plan or who to trust to help us to do it. At YU, we understand that this task is daunting. We can help.

We want to share what a legacy gift is and what its benefits are. As well, we invite you to take advantage of our free, friendly, high-quality estate-planning service with Advisors with Purpose.

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What is a legacy gift?

A legacy gift is a planned future donation to a registered charity like Youth Unlimited through a will or trust or some other form of designation. It can include: a Bequest in a Will, Life insurance gifts, Gift Annuities, Stocks and other securities, Gifts from property-holdings, or Allocation of Retirement Plans (RRSPs & RRIFs).
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More About Legacy Giving

Why make a legacy gift?

  1. Reduces taxes without taking any inheritance away from your heirs.
  2. Ensures good stewardship of the financial assets with which God has blessed you.
  3. Provides peace of mind knowing that together with Youth Unlimited you are building a better future for your own offspring and our GTA youth.
  4. Ensures sustainability of Youth Unlimited’s impact into the future that goes beyond your current support.

How is a legacy gift made?

Create or update your estate plan by taking advantage of our partnership with ADVISORS with Purpose – an estate-planning ministry that can help you create a plan that aligns with your faith, values, and heart – free-of-charge and completely confidential. When you meet with ADVISOR with Purpose, there is no expectation of designating a gift to Youth Unlimited, or any pressure to do so. This truly is a value-added service for your peace of mind. As a next step, you can:

  1. Schedule time with an AwP advisor
  2. You may also contact ADVISORS with Purpose directly at 1-866-336-3315 or email plan@advisorswithpurpose.ca
  3. Register for an informative AwP webinar (see list below to register directly).
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We are here to help

With a good estate plan, you’ll have peace of mind and assurance that every cent of your estate is spent wisely and that your family, heirs and favourite causes are all well taken care of. For more information, contact Mel today via email or 416-383-1229 ext. 7245.

Register for Free 45-minute Webinars on Financial Stewardship

March 24
3pm Eastern
Ray Borg

Your money counts – A biblical perspective on finances
Many people are experiencing financial challenges, such as debt, a frustrating job, or inadequate savings The Bible has a lot to say about money. There are, in fact, over 2,350 verses that address everything you need to know about handling money. Indeed, the Bible is a blueprint for managing your finances. We will discover the profound impact handling money has on your relationship with God.
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April 28th
3pm Eastern
Lorne Jackson

Knowledge is Power – Knowing what you need to know about Will Planning
Having a plan is just a good idea. It ensures that you have all the correct information, helps you consider the options, allows you to work out your decisions and know exactly what you will be doing before you sit down to write your Will.
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May 26
8pm Eastern
Cindy Byker

Your Farm and Estate Planning – Create your farm legacy
As a farmer, you’ve worked hard to build your business and you want to ensure that it is stewarded well whether the next generation succeeds you or whether you sell to others.

This webinar will help you consider the specific estate planning needs of those in farming.
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June 16
3pm Eastern
Lorne Jackson

After the faith decision – the rest is stewardship
A personal journey story of life, faith, grace and learning generosity.
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