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Moving Towards a Clear Purpose Through Jane-Finch Tutoring

Story shared by Judith Otto, YU's Community Development Coordinator in Jane-Finch

Staff and volunteer greeting each other

A young woman has been involved with several of YU's Jane-Finch programs over the past few years, accessing various supports and volunteering with Heart2Soul Festival several times. While her involvement has seemed quite passive in the past, the team has noticed significant growth in her character over the course of the past year.

When the opportunity arose during the pandemic for her to receive tutoring free of charge as a result of a generous donation to YU, she showed particular interest and an eagerness to take part. As a result of her consistent effort and engagement, her grades began to improve and she was able to graduate high school and be accepted into her college program of choice.

She continued receiving tutoring from YU last fall as she began her college studies, and it has been encouraging to see her God's transformative work in her life. She has moved from having a more passive attitude to being someone who is excited about excelling as much as possible in her studies. She is even considering a placement opportunity with YU as part of her college studies!