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Young Parents Cultivates Turning Points

Story shared by Lee Sommerfeldt, Durham Young Moms Leader

Young women gardening in an outdoor planter

This year, YU's Young Parents team has focused their learning and discussion around the idea of turning points. A ‘turning point’ indicates a moment when a decisive change in situation occurs and a better path is found.

One of the moms who is part of the Young Moms program, Jane*, experienced a turning point in her life just a few months ago.

Jane got connected with young parents after hearing about the program from her sister who had also participated in the group. When Jane joined in October she shared about the joy of her new pregnancy, but also the struggles in her life.

Jane had no ID and no health card. She had been unemployed for over a year and did not receive any social services in that time since she didn’t have an ID. For an entire year, she has had no income. Due to the cumulation of these circumstances, Jane could not receive the regular healthcare she required and started to face extreme dental issues as a result. The pain eventually led her into a very low point as she became bedridden and isolated for long periods of time.

However, when she shared her story with her Young Moms group, she experienced a turning point and received the critical care she needed.

One of the Young Moms worker accompanied Jane on her mission to get an ID and a health card. It took multiple staff at Service Ontario and a trip to the bank, but eventually they left with a Purple Card (driver’s licence equivalent) and a health card ordered. When they left the building Jane said: “This feels like a dream! Like, I didn't even really sleep last night, I was so excited about the possibility."

For Jane, this moment acted as a turning point that helped set her up for a healthier future and a healthier pregnancy.

"I'm just really grateful to have such a supportive community, I wouldn't have hoped for my future without the support or help from everyone in the Young Moms group. I've been imagining myself feeling better and healthier in the near future. I believe I'll have lots of time to focus on my pregnancy and my baby once the pain is gone,” she said.

Our Young Parents staff desire is to create a safe space for our young moms and dads to consider the lost or stuck places in their lives, to show that there is a way forward, or maybe that there is a change in direction required. We are looking at situations to move from anger to peace, fear to faith, or loneliness to connection. We pray that these conversations will lead our young moms and dads to know Christ as their Turning Point!

  • Name changed to protect the individual's identity.