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Light Patrol Being Right Where They Should Be

Shared by Karen Bast, Light Patrol Outreach Worker

Small outdoor shelter made by a couple

Yesterday as my coworker and I were on outreach in the park, delivering care packages and connecting with especially the youth there, a couple invited us "into" their home for a beer and wanted to show us around. They take a lot of pride in what they have created from found objects and donations - a cozy little nest with a "bedroom" (made from a tiny shelter pictured above) and covered outdoor space. There's even an acoustic piano! He's an artist and while we sat with them for an hour, hearing a bit about their backgrounds and present circumstances he completed 3 or 4 sketches (of people, cars, what "distress" would look like). She shared about her years as a ballet dancer until an injury forced her to stop. It was a precious time. As we wrapped up, he said "Thank-you for sitting with us. A lot of people like you give us food and move on - like there's a rush to get all their stuff handed out." As he said that I thought about Jesus - never in a rush to get somewhere else, always present right where he should be.

We don't always get it right.
But for that hour we were right where we should be.

PS. No, we didn't drink the beer ;)