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A Heartwarming Story of Friendship

Shared by Lee Sommerfeldt, Young Moms Program Leader
/ Lori Cockram, Director of Young Parents

Zoom call screenshot with YU staff, young moms and their babies

The Scarborough Young Moms group, currently under the leadership of Lee Sommerfeldt, has been working through the “Finding Your Village” curriculum since April. The group has 8 moms registered (including 3 who returned after attending the winter session) and they have had 2 healthy new babies born into the group in the last month. Lee says, ""It has been so sweet to see these girls, who are isolated and alone in Toronto, reaching out and connecting through this group.""

Loreli Cockram, YU's Young Parents Director, shared that a few weeks ago in April, during the lesson on 'fear in friendship', they talked about the fear of rejection. This is such a theme in the lives of these young moms - at such young ages, they have already faced abandonment, ridicule, manipulation, betrayal, the list goes on ... It's a wonder they're willing to try again.

As they spoke, one young mom admitted that once she started working on overcoming her addictions, her friends told her she wasn't fun anymore and ridiculed and then ghosted her because she had set more healthy boundaries. This young mom admitted she was lonely. Another young mom in the group reached out right then and there and said, ""I'll be your friend."" So beautiful!

These young moms are challenging each other and themselves to open their lives up to something better. They are trusting that the answer to bad friendships isn't isolation, but good friendships... and they're on the journey to know that in their lives."