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Two Communities New Friendships

Story shared by Andrew Murrell, Frontiers Intern

Group of youth together as a team photo

Public health restrictions due to COVID continued to impact the ways in which our summer ministries were carried out this past summer. As a result, YU’s program leaders found new safe ways to run their programs, which ensured they could continue to meet with and maintain relationships with youth through this time.

With the requirement to keep sports ministries outdoors during the summer months, our Bridletowne basketball program was limited to meeting on evenings with good weather. Andrew Murrell, part of YU’s internship program, provided Dave Burridge with extra leadership support for the group of young men that met each week.

A season highlight was being joined by a group of young leaders from Scripture Union in Uxbridge for an exhibition game with youth. In Dave’s words, “[Our team] got shellacked, but there was such good sportsmanship and new friendships formed!”

YU continues to be thankful for the ongoing support that partnering organizations provide in helping us reach young lives.