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Tiny Dreams Grow To Become Bigger Community Impact

Shared by Bonnie Wong, Launch Lead Instructor

Zoom call screenshot of LAUNCH program's online leadership course with 15 participants holding up "thank you" signs

LAUNCH's first online leadership course wrapped up their year in June. The twelve young people (aged 15-18) who began the year with a tiny dream used skills learned during the course, along with the guidance and support of their coaches and team mates, to realize those dreams in 10 months time!

Consider how each student's project represents the beginning of a bigger impact in their communities:

Abby, with a strong eye for fashion, made a photo book with clothing items readily available in thrift shops to help women in shelters get fashion ideas so they will have a better chance in interviews. Abby grew in serving joyfully this year.

Andy, passionate about 'real Christian communities', started a small group that meets 3-4 times a week to do life together. His buddy who was once an atheist said the group really helped in his spiritual walk.

Dayna, brimming with creativity, wrote a pamphlet explaining youth homelessness and ways for people to help. She has learned to advocate for herself more this year.

Eva, with a heart for clean water in Africa, set up a fundraiser by selling rings that she made. She has had some fierce marketing campaigns and her new time-management skills have served her in all areas of her life.

Compassionate and quiet, Jessica was moved by the loneliness that seniors encountered during lockdown, so she set up 15 pen pal partnerships and brought smiles to many seniors through weekly letters and gifts.

Maya wanted to raise $35,000 to help train a guide dog for a disabled person. She started a business selling natural skin products. Through slowly chipping away at her ambitious target, she has learned to be more Christ-centered and has greatly improved her time-management skills.

Noah, LAUNCH's young entrepreneur, wanted to tackle a regional problem - ending food scarcity in Oshawa. He wanted to persuade eateries to donate their excess food to local charities. Though faced with immense setback, the experience led him to reflect deeply upon the injustices of his society.

Right from the start, Rachel knew she wanted to support Camp Promise, which serves underprivileged children in Barrie. Through leading a team of strangers who were older than her, Rachel gained a sense of humility and wisdom beyond her years.

Spencer employed his communication skills and social network to provide backpacks filled with COVID-related items for the homeless in Barrie. He surpassed his target and avowed to continue serving those in need.

Jaime, LAUNCH's youngest student this year, managed to help build a room for an exiting orphan in South Africa. Though she had to change her fundraising plan numerous times due to lockdowns, she persevered and changed the orphan's life forever!

Tech-savvy Liam managed a Facebook group to help his community reduce waste through swapping goods. He was the first to meet his target and even doubled his goal! He has saved over 50 items from ending up in the landfill and has learned to identify his personal strengths.

Lucas, who initially believed it was more efficient to work alone, learned the importance of community when he started a Facebook group to raise awareness about homelessness. His effort has led more people to donate to shelters.

Thank you for praying for these young leaders over the past year! We're excited to see God continue to use each youth's talents and multiply their impact as a result of their participation in the LAUNCH course!