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Leaders of the present and future!

Story shared by Bonnie Wong, Lead Instructor for LAUNCH Leadership Course

Collage of LAUNCH students and their projects

The LAUNCH leadership course concluded last month with 13 students making their final presentations and sharing excitedly about their growth to over 30 parents, coaches and guests who attended in support!

Check out some of these quotes pulled from their presentations:

"I'm so glad LAUNCH pushed me to execute a dream that I've had for many years. I had no idea it can grow so big!"
~ Mia, whose project on ocean conservation caught the attention of a TV station in Trinidad, on which she'll be interviewed next month

"Even though my project failed, I learned so much about myself and I will continue to find projects that fit me."
~ Eliana, who wanted to start a volunteer group to help seniors and single parents with small maintenance work

"I realize I really need a team!"
~ Zoe, who has drawn over 100 frames and plans to create anime episodes to educate the public about global issues

"When you have an idea for something? Go for it!"
~ Alyssa, who created a music album about child abuse by recruiting and leading contributors from across North America

Some other highlights:

  • Rachel enlisted the help of her network and collected money to buy supplies for a women's shelter in Newmarket

  • Samantha flexibily switched her Trivia Night to move online during the lockdown, and fundraised for a leadership program for female Afghani refugees

  • Joelle, Isabelle, Kate, Jason, Hayden and Wesley - 6 very different individuals - learned to collaborate effectively, and met weekly to coordinate a talent show across 6 schools; they plan to raise funds for a local youth shelter

  • Gianna, a student from Trinidad who, despite the time and cultural differences, joined the LAUNCH course and gained many valuable leadership skills; for her project, she connected with local businesses and created gift packages for people living on the streets in Trinidad

Just imagine! If the students can accomplish so much at their tender age of 15-18, how much more will they do for God's Kingdom as they grow up? They are truly deserving of our investment, encouragement and belief!