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Light Patrol Team Maintains Connections with Youth and Those Living on the Streets


Outdoor tent, tables and lights at Light Patrol christmas party

Although we are still in the middle of a lockdown, YU's Light Patrol team is thankful for the ways that God has been working in the lives of the youth which whom they interact. There is much to praise God for!

Their staff team continues to meet one-on-one with our youth, both those whom they were connected with prior to Covid season, and those they've come to know since, such as connections made through their hotel ministry program, which began last fall. At Christmas, the team was able to gather a small group of these youth for an outdoor Christmas party with festive baking, hot drinks and gifts, thanks to their Operation Good Thing annual project, where partners could donate to a specific youth in ways that met their unique needs and interests.

Because the winter was relatively mild overall, staff were able to continue meeting safely with youth outside. They've been getting more creative in the ways they connect, grabbing meals or hot chocolate, and then going for walks, meeting at a park, sitting distanced on the front porches of their homes, or even connecting with youth by chatting while playing online video games.

Many of the youth with whom they've been connecting are newly housed - either at a shelter, a transitional house, or their own place. Because basic necessities such as shelter are being met and they are no longer are operating in the "survival mode" of living on the streets, youth are able to hope and dream for something more in their lives. Some positive conversations have been emerging lately as they've discussed topics such as budgeting, finding a job, setting school goals, building an art portfolio, relationship conflict solutions, and of course, talking about Jesus! This has been really encouraging to our staff, and they hope to continue to support the youth in the areas where they need help.

We praise God for how He's been working in the lives of these youth. Please join us in prayer as the Light Patrol team continues to connect with youth each week, and for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with them.