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Words From a Young Mom

Shared by Loreli Cockram, Young Parents Director
(Below photo: YU's Young Parents team)

Young Parents staff walking side by side

We recently received a beautiful note from one of our young moms, who has been with us for a couple of years and has been participating in our Discovery Courses this year. I thought her testimonial would encourage you as well!

This group is one of my major mental support groups in my whole entire life. I always feel supported and loved well being connected to this group. What I liked the most about this course was connecting with others. It made me feel confident... and not alone. Gave me the motivation to keep pushing through school and being a single mother. One thing I always struggled with my whole entire life was always feeling alone. I never felt like that when I connected with this group. It helped me realize my worth, and even when I was feeling down I always had the support of my girls and leaders around me. This group is a true blessing in disguise! I don't know what I'd do without this support. I truly have created a bond with everyone that is unforgettable. Such an amazing experience. Can't wait for the next one [course]! - K

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