A Committed Team of Volunteers

You Can Make A Difference Today

Each of our programs relies on a hardworking group of volunteers who invest their time and energy in youth transformation through mentoring, visiting, participating in our programs, sharing a meal, checking in, and more.
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Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Workers

Mentoring, coaching, and walking alongside young people as they explore faith in Jesus and mature in life is at the heart of YU’s desire to live out wholistic transformation. As you listen to, care for, and helpfully support youth in our programs, not only will our young people flourish, but you will learn and grow too! As a volunteer, you can be a youth worker in one of our community outreach programs across the city, in a formal coaching relationship with a young Christian leader, as part of a service project, or many other potential places.

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Young Parent Ministries

Our young parents programs across the city provide a unique opportunity to support young dads and moms in being a transformative presence in their homes and communities. In these programs, you can support through group interactions, one-on-one mentoring, and childcare during programming times.

Group photo of young moms in Young Parents program
Sports Programs & Activity Clubs

Whether it’s on the court, doing a weights session after school, or working on artwork, your consistent presence in our activity or sports programs helps create safe spaces for our young people, and it is an amazing gateway to building long-term relationships of trust and care.

Young man a blowing whistle and holding a basketball
Street Outreach Teams

Youth Unlimited has always been committed to going where young people are. Some of our programming includes intentional street outreach to young people experiencing homelessness or young women facing exploitative circumstances. Your participation as part of a street or parlour outreach team brings comfort, hope, and tangible help to these young friends whom we love.

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Support Ministry Roles

It’s not all about frontline work! In order to reach young people across the city, we need a great team of people serving behind the scenes in a variety of supporting roles. This could include joining our prayer team, providing clerical assistance with mailings and other front office work, shooting photos of our various programs, and helping run fundraising or other events throughout the year. Everyone has a place where they can meaningfully impact the youth of Toronto!

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What To Expect

What’s the time commitment?
Because relationships of trust take time to build, we look for a minimum one-year commitment for involvement with youth. Projects or events can be more short-term.
Who can volunteer?
Due to the nature of our work with young people, we generally prefer youth work volunteers to be 21 or older. For those mentoring youth, volunteers share our faith-based approach to ministry.
How else can I get involved?
We welcome student placements, interns, and more! Get to know our team through the site and send us an inquiry to learn more.
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